Grid Controls Package ver 1.5 released. Improvements in speed for drag/drop and clipboard operations.

Grid Controls Package ver 1.4 released. A major update bringing drag / drop.


Updated qDoc to version 1.2 (bug fix version).


Updated EasyVENT to be compatible with Purebasic 5.21


qDoc, a cross platform library for working with compound documents has been added.


tBOX, a versatile property-box control, has been added to the commercially available Grid Controls package.

Welcome to the nxSoftware website.


Last update : 05/02/2014.

Here at nxSoftware we are actively producing high quality tools for 'indie' software developers and offer a range of both freeware and commercial products directly through this website.

"...I'm amazed with this reporting tool. After using it for several days it's very easy to use even without the designer... Its really a great addition to our system."
Jose Claro Jr Villalon referring to the nxReport reporting library (part of the Arctic reporting suite) in the Purebasic forums.

"The tBOX is simply fantastic, great job, works like a dream..."
Dean Hall (LuaDev) referring to the tBOX property-box control (part of our Grid controls package) in the Purebasic forums.

All products have been developed with the PureBasic programming language; although many of the products can also be used by developers using other development platforms.

Where appropriate, the freeware utilities/tools come in source code form and with no restrictions whatsoever on their use. Do what you like with them!

Please feel free to browse these pages and contact the author with any suggestions or questions etc.


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